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The Ilbarritz International Golf Training Centre has been equipped with the TOPTRACER RANGE since spring 2023.

This state-of-the-art equipment is the “must” in terms of training and performance and complements our technical platform. You can find no less than 15 striking bays equipped with touch screens and located under shelter #2.

The Advantages:

  • analyze each of your moves,
  • calibrate your distances,
  • organize precision competitions
  • play with friends on prestigious courses… from your practice mat.

and much more!

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Toptracer bay rental
1H00 : 10€

Book of 10 rentals
1H00 : 80€

Annual member subscription

(unlimited at the rate of 1H00 per day maximum).

Toptracer Range


Toptracer Range is the ultimate and indispensable tool. Upon registration, you will join the global community of golfers using the app. You can measure your progress and consult the leaderboard at any time!


Open the App Store or Google
Play on your device.

App Store
Google Play


Download the Toptracer Range
app. (Or scan QR Code below.)

Google Play


Open the app and select Sign Up.
Follow prompts on screen.

App Store


After entering your email,
password and profile name,
select the green Play Now button.

Google Play


Scan QR Code on bay screen
to connect your profile
to your bay.
Google Play

start playing!

Join a virtual community and compete with golfers from around the world.

Thanks to the downloadable application, check out the latest information and challenge of the moment.

Join thousands of players from around the world, gathered around the same passion.
Face them in special competitions