The Ilbarritz course is a 9 holes course facing the ocean. It’s a par 32 with a 2176 meters length period. Set up as the practice, for the apprenticeship, it’s a very technical course.

Set on two levels of ground, a free car system is set up since October 1996, which allows an easy travelling between the two levels.

Le parcours


Hole N° 1 – PAR 4 – HCP 4

Very short Par 4 facing the Atlantic Ocean. The first shot requires keeping the ball on the fairway. Indeed, the best players use a 5 or 4 iron on the tee. The very vast green is overhanging the Atlantic Ocean. You have to analyse well the flag’s position in order to avoid to 3 putt.

Hole N°2 – PAR 4 – HCP 6

Certainly the most spectacular hole of the course. The men’s tee is on top of a Blockhaus built on the Ilbarritz cliff and dating from the Second World War. The fairway, drawn between two mounds offers a panoramic view on Biarritz and the Gulf de Gascogne. Be careful with the attack of the green that is composed of three plateaux.

Hole N° 3 – PAR 3 – HCP 7

This hole, built in 2001, has replaced the old n°1. It’s a very short Par 3, with a nice slope, bordering a cliff. The tee shot sometimes requires an alignment toward the ocean so that the dominating west wind could bring the ball on the green. It is defended by two “pot bunkers”.

Hole N°4 – PAR 3 – HCP 9

Ilbarritz’s signature hole: The tee – the green…. and between, a gully ready to welcoming your balls. A piece of advice, do not hesitate to play the hill on the right side of the green so that the balls could roll back onto the green.

Hole N° 5 – PAR 3 – HCP 1

Certainly the most difficult hole, of the course, a 200m to the green, Par 3, very well defended. Generally, it’s more careful to draw up the green to try an approach-putt rather than trying something impossible for the first shot. The bogey remains a good score for this hole.

Hole N°6 – PAR 3 – HCP 2

A great Par 3 with a slope, lined by a stream on the left side of the fairway. It is preferable to stay on the right for the first shot in order to avoid shooing into the lake, on the left side of the green. The dominating counter-wind obliges to choose two or three clubs more than usual.

Hole N° 7 – PAR 4 – HCP 5

This 347 m Par 4 seems quite relaxing from the tee, thanks to a very large drive landing. Unfortunately, the green attack is one of the most difficult of the course, in fact, this latter is defended by a water obstacle and by four bunkers.

Hole N°8 – PAR 5 – HCP 3

The only Par 5 of Ilbarritz is very interesting to play. With a quite short length (421 m), he is “touchable” in 2 by the good golfers in spite of the facing wind and a water obstacle around the green. Nevertheless, it is more reasonable to be placed in front of the water in 2 or 3 shots according to your level, before attacking the green.

Hole N° 9 – PAR 3 – HCP 8

A very beautiful 115 m Par 3 in front of the Atlantic Ocean. According to the intensity of the wind, generally facing, the club to be chosen for this shot can vary from the wedge to the 3 iron. The green offers a 360° panoramic view over the Basque coast.