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Historic photos of Biarritz Le Phare Golf Course
Find all the historical photos of Biarritz Le Phare Golf Course.

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Biarritz town
For a memorable stay in Biarritz you will find all the information you need here.

Bidart town
Official website of the Tourism Office in Bidart, Basque country.

French Golf Federation
Official website which contains all the news and sports results. Special page for players who are licence holders.

Basque  Golf  Federation
This website promotes all the golf events  essentially for the regions of « Cantabria, Rioja and Navarra », the spanish and french Basque Country.

Golf Pass Biarritz Côte Basque (G.I.E )
Discover the new « Golf Pass Biarritz Côte Basque » and play all the most prestigious courses of the Basque country and Landes. Sold at attractive prices.

Aquitaine Golf League
Find all the golfing news and sports results for the Aquitaine region.

Aquitaine Regional Committee of Tourism
Click here to discover the schedule of cultural and sports activities in Aquitaine.

Departmental Committee of Tourism
Official website for tourism in Bearn and Basque Country. All you need to know and all the events that can’t be ignored in the 64 department (Pyrénées Atlantiques).

Biarritz Tourism
Discover Biarritz, organize your stay, book your hotels and apartments, enjoy the trip tips.

Open Golf Club - Hotel Golf Resorts
Presentation of some golf courses and exceptional stays in many destinations (France, Morocco, Belgium etc.)

Golf Departmental Committee of the Pyrénées Atlantiques
Description of the missions done by the committee. Click here to get the list of competitions they organize.

Watch videos taken from the air of some prestigious places in particular the most beautiful french golf courses.

Flying Blue Golf
Flying Blue Golf is the Golf Community of Air France KLM for travelers with a passion for golf

Biarritz Golf Destination
The contract Biarritz Golf Destination" was selected by the Secretariat of State for Tourism. It is intended to better promote international tourism assets golfing in the Pyrenees Atlantiques and Landes.


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