The etiquette of golf

Playing golf is submitted to a certain number of rules of politeness and behavior: The Etiquette.
In Biarritz le phare Golf Course we really care about the quality of the course, the respect of those who maintain it and above all about the comfort of the players.
This is why we ask you to respect the following simple rules:

  • Don’t be slow
  • Don’t keep your distance
  • If you are delayed, please invite the group behind to overtake you, no matter the number of players
  • Avoid test swings on the teeing grounds
  • Don't go with your trolley around the greens and neither on the teeing grounds
  • Don't walk between greens and bordering bunkers.
  • Replace your divots
  • Erase your footprints in the bunkers
  • Leave the bunker by the lower part
  • Raise up your pitches on the greens
  • Don't use your club to withdraw the ball out of the hole

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